Since 1993

No Collateral Cash Funding in Under 12 Hours

Gold Standard Funding Solutions is an in-house direct lender that provides cash funding directly to small-to-medium size businesses. We are part of a group of 20 in-house lenders that provides $50 million in funding per month and growing.

Our successful growth is due to a commitment to each and every merchant who we treat as a valued client. We make capital available without collateral and do not consider personal credit scores, industry type and geographic area in the funding process.

Our goal for each of our clients is to successfully fund each of our clients over-time, being a part of helping them to grow their businesses and providing them funding at the best possible terms.


Planning For Your Business

There are times when you need to look outside the lines. Your business needs funding to get to the next level or you are facing an emergency situation. Without the funding, your business is healthy but not hitting its highest capability and standard sources, for whatever reason, are unwilling to listen. Our funding decisions get you the capital your business needs in as short as 24 hours. Paybacks can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your business. Regardless of term, paybacks are a percentage of your business' cash flows - your business' growth makes the percentage even smaller.

What You Need To Do

Review the following short list and get everything back to us by email or fax. From there, we can get an answer to you in less than 24 hours.

  1.  Download our application from from the Application Page. Make sure you complete and sign.
  2.  Get copies of the bank statements for your business for the last three months. If you want to add a copy of your current month, that's OK.
  3.  Tell us how much funding you are looking to obtain for your business.
  4.  Tell us what your plans are for the funding.

Funding Your Business

Our decision to fund your business can be made in as quickly as 3 hours. The reason is that we are a part of a group of 20 in-house direct funders that work together to provide funding.  With over $50 million per month in funding and over 120 professionals, we are ready to provide you with what your business needs. Our process is streamlined - your account is assigned to an underwriter within minutes of receiving your information. We will contact you immediately if we are missing anything. If we have everything, you can expect a call from us within an hour or two. It is as simple as that.

Your Next Step

All you have to do to get your funding is simply click on the button and give us some basic information. We will get back to you in a few minutes.